1. The 28h Regular Meeting in 2002

  2. The 28th Regular General Meeting was held in Osaka on 22 June, 2002.
    Next meeting will be held in Sapporo on 21 June, 2003.



  1. The 27th Regular Meeting in 2001

  2. The 27th Regular General Meeting was held in Hiroshima on 23 June, 2001. Next meeting will be held in Osaka on June, 2002.

  3. JDHL roll call (once a month)
  4. Day the thrid sunday
    Time 2400`2430 GMT (0900`0930 JST)
    Frequency 7.088MHZ

  5. Welcome to "World Intelligence Network For Dentists"
  6. We are pleased that the Japan Dental Ham League(JDHL) has been 26 years since the establishment in 1975. JDHL has a membership of 130 who are dentists. And we have also the personal computer dental network "JDHL NET" that is covered all over Japan.

    Making use of the both networks,we constracted "The World Intelligence Net work For Dentists" which are using to exchange the informations available on our daily dental practices and counsel with the patients about some problems of the tooth and oral disease. Now,we are raising the members of all over the world dentists.

  7. Please ask question, exchange ideas, and share your stories in message boards (BBS).